Eliminate Troubleshooting Time

Netscan is network diagnostics for the web

The Scan Results

Scans performed by Netscan

Launch tests on your clients; get instant insight

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Once you press the button a series of  networkbrowser and WebRTC diagnostics will be performed to determine your connectivity status. After all tests are complete, you can access the results via JSON or in their rendered form. In this case you will be redirected to the rendered results.

How it Works


Integrate with Netscan

You put the Netscan SDK on the page you wish scans to be performed and you set it up so it triggers by you or by your users' action.


Perform Scans

Once s Scan Operation is triggered Netscan will launch all kinds of tests to determine the client's browser capabilities, network environment, and connectivity.


Handle the Results

Netscan will process the results and produce a high level summary that you can use programmatically to make product decisions or view on a page for your Customer Service people.

Save Time

Save Time

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    Understand what's going on

    No more lengthy troubleshooting with your customers! You now know all there is to know about their environment and connectity status.

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    No more troubleshooting

    The Netscak SDK will give you all you need to know up front, saving you and your customers hours of frustration! The only thing you now need to do is provide the appropriate solution.

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    More satisfied customers

    By embeding the Netscan SDK into your product you can proactively make decisions that will improove your customers experience and steer away from problems you now know exist.


Todd Nichols

Netscan.co is indispensable to us. It has lowered our support costs dramatically by helping us test our users' webRTC connectivity automatically. We couldn't be more happy with the service.

Sanjay Pujare

While launching our audio-video federation service we came across Netscan and found it extremely valuable in getting our customers ready to use our service. On top of it, we got outstanding support from Netscan for our enhancement requests. We are glad to have Netscan as a partner.

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