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Tests we perform

Netscan performs a series of sophisticated tests from your customer's browser
to determine connectivity and capabilities of the client.

Highlights of the tests we perform. For a full list go to our full test listing:

  • Can client perform a WebRTC connection?
  • WebRTC P2P capabilities
  • WebRTC TCP/UDP connectivity
  • NAT detection
  • WebSockets access over http/https
  • WebSocket latency
  • XHR latency
  • ICMP latency and packet loss
  • GeoIP query

Use Netscan free for 21 days ! It's super easy

Integrate Netscan into your Product

Using the Netscan SDK you get all the diagnostic
powers of Netscan right into your product.


Integrate Netscan with your product


Run Netscan in the background


Examine your results from your App or just visit our Dashboard.

Better insights with your data

Use custom data to track your customers' email, unique id or their name.
All can be stored on each scan you perform


Todd Nichols

Netscan.co is indispensable to us. It has lowered our support costs dramatically by helping us test our users' webRTC connectivity automatically. We couldn't be more happy with the service.

Sanjay Pujare

While launching our audio-video federation service we came across Netscan and found it extremely valuable in getting our customers ready to use our service. On top of it, we got outstanding support from Netscan for our enhancement requests. We are glad to have Netscan as a partner.

Use Netscan free for 21 days ! It's super easy