About Netscan

"It doesn’t work"Now, haven't we all heard those dreaded words more than enough times? Us too! So we figured why not do something about it?

So we've build Netscan, a powerful diagnostic service that runs in your clients' browser and gives you full insight into their Network and WebRTC capabilities.

made with  in Thessaloniki.

Meet the team

Thanasis Polychronakis

Thanasis Polychronakis The Netscan dude

Thanasis is a seasoned web developer and has been working with startups throughout most of his life. Thanasis is a Node.js expert, with over 40 published packages on NPM and is an avid contributor to open source projects.

Theodore Keloglou

Theodore Keloglou Frontend Hero

Theodore is a frontend magician, taking extra care to provide you with the smoothest experience possible. When he’s not on Netscan you’ll find him either among python LOC or cycling his way to a meetup.

George Kanellopoulos

George Kanellopoulos Your Support

George makes sure your setup and day to day experience with Netscan feels like a walk in the park. Focused on getting you up to speed as soon as possible, George is your guy!