It has been a few weeks that we silently launched the “Scan Pages” feature here at Netscan and we are really excited with the options and possibilities this brings to our customers.

The “Scan Pages” feature provides a custom subdomain at our new “” domain, where you can direct your clients and users to perform a scan. Our personal Scan Page as Netscan can be found at the address

Every customer has the new “Scan Pages” menu in their dashboards from where they can set their Scan Url and use the Form Builder. A Scan Url is automatically assigned on registration and you can change it anytime and as many times as you wish. Changes will reflect immediately.

The Form Builder

Using our Form Builder you can add as many questions as you wish for your customers to answer before they can start the scan. You can also make a question be required or optional.

You will also have the option to define the title and subtitle of that page, very easily from the same page. Just set your desired copy, save and you are done. The Scan Page will get updated immediately.

Introducing the Scan Source

With the implementation of the Scan Pages there are now two possible ways to perform your scans, using the SDK or using the Scan Pages. To be able to distinct those two differences scan sources we introduced the new property scanSource in the Result Data Object (RDO).

The scanSource property is a string that can have one of two values: api or scanPage. You will find that new property in the root of the RDO, checkout the changelog if you rely on RDO’s versions and the RDO documentation for the scanSource property.

The scanSource property will always be visible in the listing of the scans from your dashboard so you can easily distinct between the two types.

Future Plans

Our next steps on the Scan Pages is to allow for even more customization options, like theme colors and logo positioning. The ability to use your own branded custom domain name will also be available at higher tier plans.

But the most important change will be yours to decide, based on your experience and feedback we will tweak and tune the Scan Pages so it perfectly fits your needs. So please check them out and let us know what you think at