The Result Data Object Changelog

This is the Changelog of the Result Data Object (RDO).

v1.2.5 09 Nov 2016

v1.2.5 Additions

  • Added string key scanSource on the object root indicating the scan source. Value can be one of: api or scanPage.

v1.2.4 02 Sep 2016

v1.2.4 Additions

  • Added boolean key hasCustomIce on the object root indicating whether custom ICE servers have been used.
  • Added key iceServers for custom ICE servers under the webrtc path.

v1.2.3 29 Jan 2016

v1.2.3 Additions

  • Added the following new keys under the results.webrtc.candidates path:
    • transportProtocol Type: String Can be either tcp or udp indicates the transporting protocol that was used when initiating the ICE Candidates protocol.

v1.2.2 19 Jan 2016

v1.2.2 Additions

  • Added the following new keys under the results path:
    • turnServer Type: String Indicates which TURN server was used.

v1.2.1 18 Jan 2016

v1.2.1 Additions

  • Added the following new keys under the results path:
    • hasGeoip Type: Boolean Indicates that the Geo IP query has been run, this will be false in all plans that do not have the Geo IP feature.
    • geoipFinished Type: Boolean Indicates the Geo IP query has finished, regardless of outcome (successful or failed).
    • geoipError Type: Boolean Indicates an error came up during the Geo IP query.
    • geoipErrorMessage Type: String If an error occurred this attribute will contain an error message.
    • geoipTimedout Type: Boolean Indicates that the Geo IP query has timed out.
    • geoip Type: Object The Geo IP query normalized results.
      • ip Type: String The IP that was queried.
      • lat Type: String Latitude of the IP.
      • lng Type: String Longitude of the IP.
      • timezone Type: String Timezone.
      • postalCode Type: String The Postal Code.
      • city Type: String The city.
      • region1Name Type: String The region1Name.
      • region1Iso Type: String The region1Iso.
      • region2Name Type: String The region2Name.
      • region2Iso Type: String The region2Iso.
      • region3Name Type: String The region3Name.
      • region3Iso Type: String The region3Iso.
      • region4Name Type: String The region4Name.
      • region4Iso Type: String The region4Iso.
      • countryName Type: String The countryName.
      • countryIso Type: String The countryIso.
      • continentName Type: String The continentName.
      • continentCode Type: String The continentCode.
      • organization Type: String The organization.
      • domain Type: String The domain.
      • isp Type: String The isp.

v1.2.0 10 Jun 2015

v1.2.0 Additions

  • Adopted Semantic Versioning 2.0.0.
  • Added new attributes to root:
    • finalized Type: Boolean Sample: true If the scan result has been finalized, if this is set to false then the results attribute will not be available.
    • data Type: Object Contains custom data that was passed to the SDK on scan initialization.
    • summary Type: Object A Summary of the connectivity results.
    • version Type: String Sample: '1.2.0' The Result Data Object version.
    • token Type: String Sample: 'xxx' The token used for this scan.
    • user Type: String Sample: 'xxx' The user id of the token owner.
    • createdAt Type: String Sample: '2015-06-04T16:51:49.646Z' The full date of creation in [ISO-8601 Format][ISO-8601].
  • Added the following new keys under the results path:
    • results.supports.flashBlocked Type: Boolean which indicates if Flash is blocked by the browser.
    • results.latency Type: Array containing all the latency test items.
    • results.latencyCountExpected Type: Number, how many latency tests were scheduled to perform.
    • results.latencyCountPerformed Type: Number, indicates how many latency counts were performed.
    • results.latencyTimedout Type: Boolean, becomes true when a latency timeout has timed out.
    • results.latencyFinished Type: Boolean, indicates if all ICMP ping tests have finished.
    • results.clientFinished Type: Boolean, indicates if client has finished all tests.
    • results.clientFinished Type: Boolean, indicates if client has finished all tests.
    • results.isPrivate Type: Boolean, indicates if the result record is private (not available to public - requires authentication to view).

v1.2.0 Fixes

  • Will now populate properly the keys in the results.supports.videoCodecs object.

v1.2.0 Changes

  • Moved and renamed results.createdOn to the root attribute createdAt.
  • Moved the to the root attribute id.
  • Moved the results.token to the root attribute token.
  • Moved the results.user to the root attribute user.
  • Moved the results.version to the root attribute version.

v1.2.0 Deprecations

The following attributes are now deprecated and will be removed on v2.0.0 of RDO.

  • results.createdOn
  • results.token
  • results.version
  • results.user

v1.1 19 Jan 2015

  • Big Bang