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Yes you can go to the scan page and launch netscan from your browser.

We trigger the WebRTC ICE operation and collect the ICE Candidates produced. By analyzing them we are able to reliably determine if the client is on a local area network behind a NAT or directly connected to the Internet.

By studying the generated WebRTC ICE Candidates we are able to reliably determine if the client accepts incoming UDP as well as TCP connections.

Yes you will, we are not yet ready but we have this on our future plans. Please contact us if you are interested in more information about when the service will be ready.

Yes, working with STUN is integral to our WebRTC connectivity tests. STUN is the protocol that generates the ICE Candidates which we study to determine the client’s connectivity.

This typically happens when you are behind a NAT, that is a home modem / router that connects you to the internet. Even with uPnP enabled, WebRTC is not able to utilize this protocol thus resulting in inbound TCP connections not being possible. Do not worry though, streaming video and sound works better over UDP!

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